Unleashing Creativity: The Inspirational Journey of Mégane Legras

A Passion for Design and Communication

Mégane Legras discovered her love for design during a screen printing internship in her third year at ECITV. She followed her passion by pursuing degrees in corporate communication, digital design, and applied arts. This diverse background has contributed significantly to her creativity and strategic approach towards design projects.

The Road to Success: GES Network and Beyond

Besides obtaining various qualifications, Mégane also joined the GES Network to complete a bachelor’s degree at ICAN and a master’s degree at ECITV. Guided by Sophie Pisterman Benhamou, the director of ECITV who introduced Mégane to audiovisual and video elements, she was able to gain a precise understanding of the different audiovisual professions. As a result, Mégane now effortlessly navigates through print, digital, and video mediums.

Daily Design Inspirations

As creative lead at Aon, Mégane constantly seeks inspiration from everyday life, striving to follow and predict emerging design trends. Her role at Aon involves supporting a team of designers while producing materials that not only address client requests but also reflect current design aesthetics. Mégane pushes innovation and consistently explores new solutions to enhance processes and product offerings within various constraints like data confidentiality.

  • Developing management skills as motion design leader
  • Promoting challenge-driven creativity
  • Incorporating purposeful white space in designs

Lessons Learned from ECITV

Megane credits ECITV for her deepened technical knowledge and understanding of visual communication. During her time there, she learned crucial audiovisual skills such as script writing, shoot organization, and project management. The hands-on experience gained from ECITV allowed her to advance her software capabilities while picking up valuable insights through various workshops and seminars.

Empowering Education

One aspect of ECITV that Mégane appreciated was the autonomy provided to students in organizing their workloads, emphasizing a real-world professional approach. Her advice to aspiring designers and digital marketing professionals is to make full use of educational experiences, embrace risk-taking, and to continuously push creative boundaries.

Key elements for successful education:

  • Exploring diverse sources of inspiration
  • Taking calculated risks and experimenting with new ideas
  • Daring to be innovative and groundbreaking

The Power of Animation

Mégane’s passion for audiovisual fields naturally evolved into an interest in animation – whether it was TV commercials or personal projects. She strongly believes in creating compelling visuals that blend seamlessly with storytelling elements, harnessing the power of moving images to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

A Word of Advice: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Creative

In conclusion, Mégane Legras’ inspiring journey in the world of design and communication showcases the importance of continually growing one’s creativity. For both budding and experienced professionals alike, it is vital to embrace challenges, take risks, and devote yourself to discovering innovative concepts. Through this dedicated approach towards design and digital marketing, individuals can ultimately reap the rewards of a fulfilling and successful career.

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